Lyrical Demon - Krist Zanny
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Lyrical Demon - Krist Zanny

The ever growing Nigerian Music Industry has welcomed another Lyrical Beast known as Krist Zanny. This time around, the fast growing rapper emerges from Benue State, North-Central Nigeria.

Eje Godwin Ogbu popularly known by his stage name, Krist Zanny is another rap lord that has come to revive the cooling fire of the rap game in Naija. Always being compared to Olamide and Vector, many people believe that the Lagos based rapper, Afrobeat star, Krist Zanny has all it takes to not only represent Benue, as a rapper, but can as well stand on Naija rap game stage.

"Lyrical Demon" is a tip of an iceberg, of the fire Krist Zanny is bringing to the industry. This happened to be an electrifying punchline arranged in a professional manner, that one doubts if it's an artist of his status that is rapping. By mere listening to the song, you'll attest to the fact that this dude is worth the hype. The dope song is produced, mix & mastered by Voltron Protunes 



Krist Zanny

This is a letter to my demons, to those that don’t believe in me

I might be dead for years, but this is my resurrection 

Lyrical demon 

Beat fvcking murderer 

Voltron on the mix


Get me that nigga wey Dey Call me wacker right here 

Tell em am dope bars flaming like a real hell

I never dine with fucked boys stop right there

Am a rare gem spitting fire on the mic here 

Get on my toes clinging nigga you’re not match for me 

You’re too small for my likes when am doing this shii 

The rap flows in my blood am a beast indeed 

Am a demon lyrically am a scary beast

Man I get what it takes to do this you know this

I’ve been so soft y’all thinks am weakling 

Your fav rappers no fit stand with me for this field

Am a king for rap game y’all better know this 

Too much Emotion geh me pity those rappers back then

am back again, to get your JBL 

To resurrect the rap game I came prepared 

 No be film trick you’ve seen behind the scene  

I don tay for this game, your ancestors knows 

Shey you be rapper or you be singer

Nigga chose your role 

We never know your category stay away you wacko 

I bad o I smoke them like tobacco 

The sun shining in the morning na my energy 

So strictly am gon defeat all my enemies, nemesis 

I will get there with any means, 

Gunshots, put the trigger I get no mercy 

Am so bold, scary like a panther or lion 

it’s more like am staring at the back of pythons 

Been dead for years this is my resurrection 

Flows too bad am the boy from ocean 

With the bars I rap, they gotta cut the craps 

And I will make it all cleared like the chart and graph

It’s Obviously written on the stars like mass 

Y’all get the demon but I get the stubborn ones 

Every tears that I’ve cried, every battle that I’ve fought 

I will turn it into ammunition, I will give it all

Battle me and get damaged, see me see the God of war,  

silly niggas ain’t fit in, nigga is rugged to the core 

It’s a verbal homicide, reminiscing past life 

But I rapped it all smoke it up to the cloud nine fumigating all the flies, wasn’t easy but I thrived 

Many shivered on my coming am a winner boy for life 

I get fans, I get lovers, na my people hate me 

But they never saw me coming as am relevant to street

When I hear my people saying they not like my music 

You can tell that to the demon wey de live inside of me 

All the beat I have been killing, no one to give appreciation 

I been searching for promotion 

Now I’ve gotten the location 

So without a hesitation, calculation of the motion 

As I fly so high, and I get no limitation

Sometimes you just have to give them what you’ve got.

They never believe in you, believe in yourself 

For sure, you will surely get there 


Download "Lyrical Demon" by Krist Zanny and share the good music with others.

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