#PrayForNigeria trends as netizens revisit Prophet Fufeyin’s old clip warning about mysterious darkness and hardship across Nigeria (Watch Video)
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#PrayForNigeria trends as netizens revisit Prophet Fufeyin’s old clip warning about mysterious darkness and hardship across Nigeria (Watch Video)


Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin urges Nigerians to pray amidst the current challenges facing the nation in old viral clip (Watch Video)

A 2023 prophecy of the Founder and General Overseer of Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministry, Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin projecting Nigeria’s current situation has gone viral on social media.

The video showed the prophet saying that famine, hardship, and mysterious darkness would cloud Nigeria in the coming months and may go even worse if Nigerians fail to rise in serious prayer for the Bola Tinubu’s government.

Prophet Fufeyin, in the prophetic message posted on the church’s social media platforms, which is now gone viral, also said Nigerian leaders have been in a loggerhead at the spiritual realm.

Prophet Fufeyin said immerse hunger and hardship would pervade the land and that the situation may persist but stressed, however, that God is ready to look down favourably on the country.

What needs to change, according to Prophet Fufeyin, is for Nigerians to come together in unity and call upon God for mercy.

In his words,
“I saw two things; famine, hunger, starvation, and the second is thick darkness. This darkness I am talking about is a mystery. It is coming to Nigeria.

“What I saw led me to weeping. I am afraid. The Lord told me that the leaders of Nigerians are confused. But I was told that if we pray in unity, God will show mercy,” Fufeyin said.

Some Netizens reactions online, according to @HopefulNaija:
“Prophet Fufeyin’s prophecy has me shaken! To be honest, we all need to come together as a nation and pray for our leaders for real because this situation is unbearable and affecting us all wether Igbo, Ijaw, Yoruba or Hausa. #PrayForNigeria #ProphetFufeyin

another user @SkepticalSandra2: wrote, “I’m not sure what to make of this prophecy. Is it a divine warning or just fear-mongering? because Nigerians aren’t united enough to talk of praying together because this situation needs us to pray in one voice,
It is well.
#ProphetFufeyin #UnitedNigeria”

another user @XPrayerWarrior: wrote
“I think God is speaking through Prophet Fufeyin! Let’s join hands in prayer and faith to ward off the impending darkness. #FaithOverFear #DivineIntervention”

According to
@ConcernedCitizen: “The situation in Nigeria is already tough. Prophet Fufeyin’s prophecy is a wake-up call for us all to take action and seek God’s mercy. #UnityInPrayer #ProphetFufeyin”

@PositiveSamuel: wrote “Prophecies like this can be unsettling, but let’s stay positive and trust that things will get better with God’s guidance. #StayHopeful #ProphetFufeyi

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