Get to Know 'CLINTZCUT', Nigerian - Canadian based music artist (Full Biography)
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Get to Know 'CLINTZCUT', Nigerian - Canadian based music artist (Full Biography)


[Biography] Full details of Clintzcut; Full name, Education, social life and Music career

We present to you, one of the biggest things that will happen to the entertainment scene, this 2024. Clinton Chimuanya Iwuji who goes by the name 'CLINTZCUT', is a Nigerian artist who falls in the next category, because he has worked hard and is taking global moves now. Below, there is an arranged details of this artist from his personal details to his music career.

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Clinton Chimuanya Iwuji who goes by the stage name 'CLINTZCUT', is a Nigerian who is first of all known for his versatility in music genres, Clintzcut is into Afrobeat, Afropop, Reggae, Rap, R&B and Jazz. 

He was born 13th, July 2000, as of the time of writing this article, he was 23yrs.

Clintzcut hails from Nwangele Local government area of Imo state, Nigeria. He is of the prestigious igbo origin. 

He is know for his viral hit song 'ON KOLOS'. Based on popular demand, we had to bring his biography up because of how fast he is attaining celebrity status.


Clintzcut has taken his educational life serious because he believed that the school environment is where you can polish whatever skills you got. His music talent is as old as his high school days at Christ the King Int'l Anglican Academy, Owerri, Imo state, where he performed before the students on social days.

Currently clintzcut has two qualifications; BSC in physics and Psychology at Federal university Owerri (FUTO) and College of New Caledonia, British columbia Canada respectively.

All along, there has being an embedded music career that needed the right grounds to sprout green. Now seems the right time than ever. 


Clinton Chimuanya Iwuji got the stage name 'CLINTZCUT', derieved from his name 'CLINTON', and also because he is a PROFESSIONAL BARBER. his music career dates back to his secondary school days, even though a science student, he could go head to head on freestyles with the art students. 

His music career is a blessed one, a running smooth type of music career, some of his hit songs include; 'I GO PAY, I BELIEVE, ON KOLOS'. 

He runs his own music label 'Clintz Music', where he is growing and in the nearest future, wants to be like Davido; actively singing and bring up the younglings.


Clintzcut's social life is best described as that of an 'Alpha male', being friendly but serious when it is time for business. That's why his best artist is Burna boy.

Clintzcut confessed he has a crush on 'TYLA', the 'make me sweat crooner', well we hope he push to a status, she would be after him, everything is possible, its a small world.

CLINTZCUT is also a professional barber and has worked with so many celebrities. 

In the nearest future, he hopes to collaborate with the likes Dave, BurnaBoy, Wizkid, Davido, Shallipopi, Zlatan, and Central Cee, one thing about Clintzcut, he would do it!!!.


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Get to Know 'CLINTZCUT', Nigerian - Canadian based music artist (Full Biography)


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