Syphar Biography
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Syphar Biography

Muiz Akanbi Busari an upcoming flowing Nigeria artist known as Syphar born on June 9th 2006 he was known before as "Cypher" which still sounds the as his flowing stage name "Syphar" just make spelling changes.

Reason why I changed the spelling of my name is that I noticed many artist including are using the name but I still decided to still desame pronunciation because most of my fans as known with the name so I just changed the spelling.


Syphar was born into a family name "Busari" though we aren't much as extended family just a mother,father and (5)kids I happens to be the third kid of both my family buh it complicated am actually the first born of both my mother and father,my elderly brother and sister are my step brother and sister (it's complicated) though I gat two siblings behind me they both "female"

We are all happy even though my mother my is not with my father again (sad).I was support by all my family by what their power can get me through my music career,non of my family goes against my talent shout out to dad who is seriously looking for good promoter that he knows from any relative to kept stand in my music career.


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