[Music] Bdf Lbob - Gods Eyes
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[Music] Bdf Lbob - Gods Eyes

[Music] Bdf Lbob - Gods Eyes

The Nigeria fast rising highly talented Hip-pop artist Bdf Lbob dishes out a brand new song titled Gods Eyes.

Bdf Lbob is one best fast rising artist in town which gives the best and good sound you want.

You can't wait to have it on your playlist.


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Gods eyes, maybe I am hell bound, or I may find heaven before the fairy tell will be let down
People don't value what they have until they loose it,
Paid me to prank your baby then you loose it
Why will I chase people who don't love me,
Killed her, still can't forgive myself how then will the angles forgive me]

Standing in puddles, drowning in tears
caught up in webs of dark yesteryears

Fear, pain, demise, illusion
searching, hoping, praying, confusion 

Loneliness strangles, taking my breath
deeper I stumble into the abyss 

Love, hate, tears, sorrow
seeking own answers, maybe tomorrow 

Memories resurface, some very unkind
can't decipher what's real, just frame of mind 

Roots, family, foundation, home
loved ones gone, children now grown 

Life, death, future unknown
thinking, wondering, where will I go]

A room filled with friends yet so out of place 
uncomfortable, frightened, I look at each face 

Darkness embraces like some evil curse 
shadows bring torment, strip me of worth]

Inside I feel empty, heart has no song
aching-dying, where'd I go wrong 

Wife, mother, sister, friend 
something still missing, no need to pretend 

Happy, angry, afraid, sad
could it be I'm totally mad]

Shattered, broken, all will is gone
cloudy, gloomy, lost in a storm 

Like an old garment, splitting at seams
hurricane forces stealing my dreams 

Caught in the seaweed, trying to swim
waters murky, pulling me in 

Aloneness forsakes me, can't battle the fight 
but maybe tomorrow, I'll see a new light 

Maybe, just maybe
I’ll see a new light]

Muddy decay and moist desolation.
Two old houses, like lingering consolations.
Autumnal barrenness, bereft of green.
The dusk and darkness are indeed serene.

Time has, with nonchalance, moved on.
Even so many memories are now gone.
All those dear, are no more near.
Life is weighed down by a vacuum sheer.

But still I inhale an aroma of this decay.
This squelching squalor is welcome each day.
The mud stains cover my sins.
As the birds escape as the light thins]

Dusk comes with more rain and cold.
Evenings are long, silent yet bold.
The nights often never intend to end.
The pitch-dark some whispers do lend]

"We are being abandoned!" The shadows whisper]
"Please don't leave us!" The nights murmur.
"This is all I have." I assure them.
In suppressed relief they chant my name.

There is some charm in holding on to this place.
This dark and squalor ridden grace.
Like me it has become old and obsolete.
Together we make each other so complete.


Who is the king of glory, the one mighty, i don't care
Feeling tempted, maybe blinded, we do in this world

So I'm ma bow to the prince of this world 
will I ever find heaven or be hell bound,
hell now, words of the earth bound
wonder how I look in God's eyes, God's eyes

Maybe the holy cross was passion big fat lie
Tell the witnesses not to preach to me I'm no sinner man
Feeling tempted someone put me on track, out of the race even before you are on the mark,
We on this setting reading forbs wonder how I look in God's eyes,
Take my corrections with a smile
Came with the Lines of the story we made it to the top
I still count my blessings before asking,
What ever happened to God's eye's.

Gods eyes God's eyes, 
wonder if I'm watched by God's eye's

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