TK Swag returns with new single ‘Original Yarinya’ – Listen Now!
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TK Swag returns with new single ‘Original Yarinya’ – Listen Now!


The new single by TK-Swag sets the stage for the celebration of love, with its upbeat tune and

danceable rhythm, the listener is ushered directly into a festive and happy atmosphere.

Being sung almost entirely in the Hausa language, TK-Swag has set out to appeal to all strata of society of the Hausa-speaking audience, not just in Nigeria, but the entire language-belt of sub-Saharan Africa. Even if one does not understand the Hausa language, the beat alone conveys a

positive and engaging message.

Original Yarinya describes a young Tk-Swag wooing a beautiful Hausa maiden with promises of travels and wealth in jewellery and livestock, he teases yet assuring her of his intentions to marry and invites her to meet his parents. This song is a typical Northern Love Story.

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