Gibrilville out with new hit single, Can of Soda
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Gibrilville out with new hit single, Can of Soda


African star Gibrilville releases new hit single, Can of Soda

Gibrilville out with new hit single, Can of Soda

Hot off the back of his Akademia Award, hip-hop and afrobeat artist Gibrilville has released his latest single titled, 'Can of Soda'. Awarded the 2022 Outstanding Legacy Award on June 4th in California, the award acknowledged Gibrilville's contribution to creating a musical legacy deemed timeless and important for future generations. 

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The music project is one of the hit songs from his upcoming album 'GTMBTD.' With half a million Spotify streams already under his belt from the release of his single 'Dididaada,' 'Can of Soda' follows the release of 'Angels', which addressed his struggles while in prison. 

The song is filled with heartbreak and pain, a part of Gibrilville's journey that is still as important as the happy moments. 

Explaining the motivation behind the song, he said: "I went into prison with a lot of pain. My ex and I had just lost a child due to complications. 

We really wanted the baby. I handled it badly, and I became unfaithful." 

"Emotionally, 'Can of soda' is

heavy and is the perfect follow up to 'Angels' as my life story unfolds through my new album, 'GTMBTD," Gibrilville added.

While the subject matter weighs heavy, the vibe of the track is light, exploring summer vibes, which appropriately coincides with the summer release date. Using contemporary production of rhythmic afrobeats and effective synth parts, the true storytelling is actually in Gibrilville's dynamic delivery.

'Can of Soda' was produced in collaboration with KaySo, a producer from Ghana, Gibrilville's birthplace. 

The song is currently distributed by Foreign Exchange Records, a music production company founded by Gibrilville, as part of his mission to push hip-hop and afro beats

music globally.

Listen, stream and download, 'Can of Soda'. 

Listen, stream and download, 'Can of Soda'.

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