Wizkid Influences Me — Fizzyfrosh
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Wizkid Influences Me — Fizzyfrosh

 Wizkid Influences Me — Fizzyfrosh


Being one of the greatest Nigerian artists in history, the legendary Star boy Wizkid is not only known for delivering timeless sounds but has been a major influence on several talented entertainers now making it in the industry.

Ekwe Uchenna Valentine aka Fizzyfrosh, a songwriter, recording artist, music producer, filmmaker and digital content creator is one of those numerous creatives that Wizkid’s greatness has inspired in the entertainment scene.

According to the Enugu State-born creative, Wizkid remains his greatest influence among others.

He said “My greatest influence in the entertainment industry is the legendary Wizkid. I’m a huge fan of his music style, and influence in the industry, and working with him soon will be a dream come true for me.”

Other notable people that inspire him are; Burna Boy, Tiwa Savage, and his friends BadboyTimz and Darvey Rucci, he confirms.

Fizzyfrosh studied Mass communication in Nigeria and has a Master’s degree in Tourism and hospitality management from abroad. He picked up an interest in singing when he was in his junior secondary school when he would usually create beats with his classmates, using their pens on the desks, while he would adlib to the instrumental.

“Music means so much to me. It’s a universal language and it’s one of the ways I love to express myself.”

Fizzyfrosh broke into the over-saturated Nigerian music industry by employing his unmatched versatility. From expressing himself through songwriting, and singing to making films, his entire life revolves around creativity and providing good value.
Recently, Fizzyfrosh released a single ‘One Night’ that is hitting airwaves and making numbers on music chart boards. Speaking about it, he said, ‘the song was inspired by my friends and UK artistes Chunkz  Continuing, he said his forthcoming works will have a well-known artist.  ‘ I’m currently working on follow-up singles, featuring some of the most notable names in the industry. The plan is to release a few more singles this year, in anticipation for my debut album next year.’

Fizzyfrosh is among the voices calling on the Nigerian government to institute content creation as a course on its own that should be taken in schools. For him, ‘It would be very nice to have ‘content creation’ in our education syllabus.’ He argued that in many countries around the world that he has traveled to, Nigerians are some of the most creative people he ever came across with.
“This is all without proper education on content creation, so if we are this good now, there’s no limit to how much better we can be. We’re blessed with creativity and I look forward to seeing content creation included in the education syllabus.” He added.

There has been a serious increase in the consumption of destructive psychoactive substances among Nigerian celebrities, who are expected to be good role models to many looking up to them. Giving his own view, Fizzyfrosh condemned the act, advising otherwise.

“My stance on drug use is a clear “NO”. I always advise everyone to stay away from drugs. It is harmful and increases the risk of mental health disorders, depression and anxiety. My advice to everyone is to say no to drugs, avoid people and places where drugs might be available, and always resist the temptation. Avoid peer pressure at all costs. The addiction is real and it’s a difficult place to come out from. If you’re already into drugs, I strongly advise you to quit right now.”

An itinerant Fizzyfrosh has been to several countries around the world, including, the UK, Egypt, Paris, Dubai, Turkey, Cyprus, Portugal and Spain, while he hopes to visit other countries, especially in the African region. This forms the wealth of his experience and versatility in many spheres of human endeavor.

It is interesting to know that Fizzyfrosh is a very good footballer as well. In one interview, he had mentioned that if he was not in the content creating business, he would definitely be ‘scoring hat tricks for Nigeria in the Africa cup of nations matches ‘trust me’, he boasted.

Going further, Fizzyfrosh says he has plans to invest in his own travel company ’Frosh Vacations’.



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