Three Things That Is Killing Ladies Slowly Without Their Knowledge
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Three Things That Is Killing Ladies Slowly Without Their Knowledge


We all need to be so attractive and one thing that will make us so is on how we managed our well being. Nowadays ladies are risking their health just for the sake of looking good or having a good figure. Below are some of the behaviors that affects ladies highly health wise.

1) Using unprescribed drugs

This majorly happens when they are on their periods. They will try as much as possible to avoid the pain hence they end up using unprescribed pain killers which later on brings complications.

2) Use of Process foods

When you ask any girl who is ordering her food online as to why she can not cook? They will answer you that the are saving time, or maybe they are tired. They are not aware that those foods may have been in the fridge for a long period of time and hence complicating their health.

3) Tight bras.

This affects almost all the ladies out here. They put on tight bras not knowing they are welcoming breast cancer.

4) Eating alot of fruit

This has become a norm to many girls for they say that they are cleaning their blood. For example, eating alot of cucumber will bring stomach worms because it contains cucurbitacin on it’s ends.

Please as a lady, avoid all this things because they seem good but has a long term effects.

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